Our Scandinavian Adventure

Hi! I’m Kat Klein, a junior Movement Science major from Austin, Texas. I’m also ready to get a few more stamps on my less than impressive passport!

I must confess, until this summer I have not been much of a traveller. I was fortunate to have been able to spend a month abroad this summer as part of the Global Perspectives in Health program at TCU. I have spent the past few weeks in Europe visiting some of the most incredible places and seeing the most fascinating things.



Not only was I gifted with one life-changing trip, but I am lucky enough to shortly be  embarking on this Scandinavian adventure as well. I have heard nothing but praises of the countries we will be visiting, and I could not be more excited.

During our few weeks abroad it is my ultimate goal to expand my cultural awareness. I have learned from my European visit how different seemingly similar places are. It is one thing to read in a book, but something entirely different immersing yourself in a new culture.


The focus of my European trip was global healthcare. As an aspiring doctor, it is my goal to continue to analyze international healthcare systems in Scandinavia. It is my belief that in order to implement positive changes and serve our current system well, I need to understand what works and what doesn’t.

I have such high expectations for this trip! I am expecting to visit many remarkable sites, eat delicious new foods, pick up a small bit of new languages, and learn something new about myself. I am most looking forward to experiencing life in an entirely new part of the world.

Also, I love peanut M&Ms more than I can express. While studying abroad, I tasted peanut M&Ms in every country I visited. Hopefully, I will be able to continue the global search for the best M&M while in Scandinavia.



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