So Ready for Scandinavia


Hi! My name is Victoria Guvenc and I am a pre-business major and psychology minor from the beautiful Orlando, Florida. I am so excited to go on this amazing adventure with 15 other incredible people!!

I never thought that I would find myself here about to embark on a trip to Scandinavia. I always thought that if I were to study abroad I would go to one of the more “typical” (yet still special) places, like London or Paris. However, when I heard about the opportunity to visit Norway, Sweden, and Denmark I knew that this was a unique trip that I just had to experience.

Growing up I have always been surrounded by many different cultures with my mom being from Paramaribo, Suriname and my dad from Istanbul, Turkey. I feel that having such a different cultural background and upbringing has given me a deep appreciation for other cultures and has constantly pushed me to want to learn more. In every city that we go to, I want to learn more about cultural customs and really immerse myself in a different world. One of my favorite ways to to do this is through food! I have grown up trying unique foods and I can’t wait to eat lots of seafood and smørrebrød. I also hear that Scandinavia has quite the coffee culture, so I hope to start every day off with some of that. With so many museums I want to learn about the deep history and tradition that have made these countries what they are today. Sometimes when I think of Scandinavia, I think only of vikings, but I’m sure I’ll see that its so much more than that.

Along with my cultural background, the recent tragedy in my hometown has also lead me to see the importance in understanding and accepting different cultures. Now more than ever we need to learn to appreciate those who are different than us. I am looking forward to going to one of the most liberal and accepting areas in the world, and hope to see the world through a different set of values and gain various perspectives on life. At TCU we are so fortunate to have opportunities to help us gain global perspectives, and what has happened in Orlando has shown me how important that is.

I can’t wait to explore Scandinavia and learn so much along the way!!




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