Like A Movie


I enjoy traveling because it takes me out of my daily routine. I’m forced to step out of my own little world and into someone else’s. It’s as if I have the opportunity to play a new character in the movie of my choosing, and the exotic setting only heightens the surrealism of the experience.

While abroad in this fantasy, I’m looking forward to appreciating the travel clichés—exploring new cities, tasting ethnic foods, interacting with locals. But I’m also hoping to gain a better understanding, a new perspective, on how other people value life. Does their daily routine revolve around a career? A family? Do they lead a fast-pace lifestyle or a stop-and-smell-the-roses mentality? Has their past shaped who they are? Or are progressive ideas transforming where they find meaning? Regardless of how vast our differences (or similarities) may be, traveling gives me new questions to consider. I’m able to gain a better understanding of myself and what I hope to contribute to this world.

In three weeks I’m excited to grow closer to the other students and faculty members as we enjoy our time in Scandinavia, balancing these perspective altering experiences with many carefree adventures—enjoying the chance to be fully emerged in each moment.


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