Ready for an Adventure


(Me and some friends from Washington. I am second from the left)

At TCU, one of the most common questions I answer after just meeting someone is, where are you from? I am proud to be a local of Washington state, simply because to me, it represents adventure the freedom of the outdoors, and the consequent freedom to explore it. In fact, it was in the spirit of adventure that I decide to attend college in Texas, a state completely different from my own. It is at TCU that I now find myself as a Sophmore, Pre-Business major who is still actively seeking a chance to explore. I am hoping to further that goal in our trip to Scandinavia. I am hoping to experience  the beautiful geography of Scandinavia by hiking on free days and exploring the countryside of the cities that we visit.  I hope also to experience the unique culture of the Scandinavian countries that we visit and I am very curious to note what makes each country distinct culturally. I am ready to meet locals and to learn about their lives and values (and food of course). I have Scandinavian heritage, Norweigan to be exact, and I am curious to learn if some of my ancestral practices and values have found their way into my own life. I hope also to build strong friendships with the staff and fellow students with whom I will be traveling.  One thing that I have learned that an adventure is more rewarding when you can share it with others, and that is what I hope to do this summer in Scandinavia alongside my peers. I have three specific, if trivial, goals among many others that that I hope to achieve during this trip:

  1. To swim in a Fjord.
  2. To go on at least one hike in each country, however short (or long) it may be.
  3. To buy a souvenir  from each country that has cultural significance, and reminds me of that culture’s specific values.

Of all our trips I most look forward to visiting Norway because many of my relatives called it home. I am so excited for our adventure in Scandinavia and cannot wait to embark on it with my fellow students!


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