We’re off to see the Wizard of….Scandinavia?!

I’m ready to click my ruby slippers and get out of this very artificial, very American, coolness created by my office cubicle’s AC and into the very organic, very foreign coolness created by the Scandinavian region’s proximity to the North Pole!

Unfortunately for me and my complete deficit in the area of patience, I don’t have ruby slippers so I’ll have to wait another couple of weeks. No no no, I am not Dorothy from Kansas, I’m little ol’ Sara Babineaux from Louisiana. I’m a Junior at TCU majoring in English and minoring in Philosophy. Aforementioned cubicle has been my spot this summer as I intern with Criminal District Attorney, Sharen Wilson– all part of my grand scheme to one day attend law school.

I L-O-V-E love to travel. When I was just graduating high school I spent a couple of weeks touring London and Paris, and every time I am reminded of that trip a huge smile envelopes my face. Those fourteen days abroad were filled with some of my happiest, most adventurous, and enlightening memories of my entire life (all 20 years mind you). Since then, I’ve been looking for the opportunity to go back abroad. When the email from Mike Marshall landed in my inbox, my hands were literally shaking as I pressed the message notification looking for more information. After the crushing disappointment of getting denied last year, I was bracing myself for the potential blow. When I read “Congratulations” it was all over, even the stress of my impending finals couldn’t wipe the goofy grin off of my face.

In terms of goals or expectations, I have a ton and none all at once. I don’t want to limit myself, which is why I feel like I have almost no expectations. Yet I’m not as familiar with Scandinavian history and culture as I am with other regions, which is why I have an endless number of questions I want myself to be able to answer and experiences I want to have. How are they all so happy? How does the extended amount of daylight during the summer impact their daily life? What about the winter darkness? What do they think about us and our weird election? What’s this reindeer heart appetizer Ms. Dianna mentioned as part of our trip?

I want to spend my time abroad taking advantage of every opportunity that comes my way, sleep be damned. I want to find new languages, food, music, architecture, literature, and whatever else my adventures produce. The best way to sum up my goal for the trip is that I want to see, experience, and ultimately come to understand how Scandinavians live and see the world–and how that differs or resembles our American way of life. I excuse myself in advance for any sweeping generalizations, I’ll be sure to qualify my statements as well as I can.

wizardofoz  csi pic 2
Don't Judy Garland and I share that same doe-eyed gaze of 
excitement for our upcoming adventures?

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