Set for Scandinavia

Bonjour from Paris!

My name is Lynsey Malin, and I’m now a JUNIOR at TCU studying Entrepreneurial Management on the Pre-Med track. I can’t wait to explore Scandinavia in just a few weeks with 15 other Chancellor’s Scholars!

Funny story- I’ve had a serious travel bug ever since starting college at TCU and hearing all about the European adventures of my new friends. After I wasn’t selected for this trip last year, I booked a trip with a friend to Europe for the next summer (aka now). Thus, I’m currently on a 35 day escapade across Europe that started in Greece and will end in just a week in Barcelona! It’s been such an amazing experience. Here’s a picture of me with my first crepe today 🙂


But of course, when I was selected for the CSI trip to Scandinavia this time around, it was impossible to say no. My family is originally from Norway, and my grandmother still goes and visits from time to time. I’m from Holmen, Wisconsin, which is heavily Norwegian-influenced (think *Holmenkollen* in Oslo)… my high school mascot was even a viking. I can’t wait for everyone to try lefse and lutefisk! This trip was definitely meant to be. Also, who wouldn’t want to visit some of the happiest people in the world while taking in some of the most beautiful sights?

There have been so many things I’ve enjoyed about Europe so far that I can’t wait to continue enjoying in Scandinavia. First, each region really has its own vibe. I’m really excited to experience the personalities of the cities we are visiting! I’ve also loved all of the local experiences. Getting outside of the touristy squares and finding a hole in the wall restaurant where they don’t have a menu in English is the best. Speaking of which, I’m a big foodie and can’t wait to try all of the Scandinavian cuisines!

One thing I really didn’t consider in booking my current trip was how connected I’d get to the people I’m traveling with. I can’t wait to travel now with this amazing group of Chancellor’s Scholars, some of whom I know quite well and some whom I don’t know at all!

My only expectation for this trip is to experience everything to the fullest. I expect to exhaust myself with early mornings, long days, and late nights- and love every second of it. I hope to learn as much as possible and really see life through a new lens.

Off for now!




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