Not sure if I just ate dinner or Tomorrow’s Breakfast or both? 

At this point I’m sure everyone around us thinks we’re pronouncing Norway wrong because every time we turn around were saying “No way” at something else. I mean this place is amazing. 

Before I talk about the crazy first day we had in Norway, I’ve prepared a quality learning lesson for anyone in need of some US-Euro Power Adapter troubleshooting. So I’m no engineer, but I’ve been talking with our on-duty engineering guru Mr. Matt Leonard, and I think we’ve agreed on some quality points of discussion. 

1. If this is what your iPhone charger looks like, then you’re probably doing it wrong.

So it turns out Europe has some pretty supercharged power outlets…like 220V. And in the US, were used to the good ‘ole 120V boys. So when somehow this contraption snaps and you’re left with 2 metal prongs jammed into the outlet, DO NOT try to pull them out with your fingers. It hurts. But wow it sure did get my day started faster than coffee would’ve. 

2. Sometimes hair ties are not only a girl’s best friend, but us dudes can find them pretty nifty as well. 

So when you somehow figure out how to re-assemble the converter, sometimes you have to improvise with what you’ve got. Seriously please pray we don’t burn down this hotel — It’s wifi is too good to give up.


 Oslo as a whole surprised me. The skyline of the city is interrupted by at least 15 cranes working on modernizing the city in some capacity, which wasn’t really what I was expecting coming into the trip. I thought I’d see a plethora of old Viking homes and ships in the pier, but I guess I should’ve expected a little more from a country that boasts one of the largest GDP’s per capita in the country.

Today we were able to visit four museums and learn about the history of Norway and some of the country’s proudest achievements. It was comforting to see a country that is working so hard at modernization work equally as hard at commemorating the past.

Lastly, our day ended with dinner. But after it was over, if you would’ve told me I just finished eating breakfast for tomorrow, I probably would’ve believed you. I mean the thing lasted almost 4 hours – a true testament to the leisurely lifestly of the Norwegian people. But it was such an experience and such a great night of learning about how cool this team is that we have here in Scandinavia! Like who knew that Rubenstein has seen 59 Disney Channel Original Movies? More to follow with some fun facts on my other travel compadres.

Over and out.


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