Oslo Adventures!!


I can’t believe I’m actually in Norway!! I have loved getting to be immersed in their unique culture and humility.

One of my favorite things to do in a new country is to go exploring and try their food. From meatballs to seafood we have had the opportunity to try it all and it is so delicious!! The food seems very hardy and warm, which is probably due to their hard winters.

I absolutely loved the tour of the Royal Palace and found it fascinating that the Norwegians decided to choose royalty for their country that are not originally from Norway. The palace is beautiful and I think its very reflective of the friendly Norwegian culture to let people like us take tours of the palace during the summer. It’s such a great opportunity!

I’m still adjusting to the time schedule but its getting to see pretty normal. We only have one and half more days left in Norway and I can’t wait to go to the ski jump tomorrow. Oslo has been great and I have loved every second of this fjord city!



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