Another course?

Oslo is incredible! The Scandinavian culture is unique and fascinating. On our first full day Dr. Whitworth mentioned that the Scandinavians have a strong sense of self and pride in their culture and history, but also are humble and not eager to flaunt wealth. This has become immediately apparent. It has been easy to slide into the Norweigen way of life, and I do not ever want to leave.


(Me when I have to leave)

Norway’s history is unlike any European country that I have visited. Though the country is relatively young, the land has been inhabited for hundreds of years. The historical Viking lifestyle and innovative ways of dealing with the frigid weather have greatly shaped how Norway has developed.

imageThe Norweigens are a people built on balance and labor, and are greatly in tune with nature  and the land in which they live. This humble relationship with nature has a direct correlation to the modest and simple lives they live.

…Even though I have eaten more in one meal here than I do in a whole day at home.

I am eager to learn more about the rich history of Norway, and compare it to the other Scandanvaian countries we are going to visit. I hope to adopt some of the modest and nature-filled attitude of the Norweigen people. And I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to another fantastic four course meal.


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