Egalitarianism and Chocolate

There are so many aspects of Norway that I would love to discuss from the beautiful scenery, to the delicious food, to the Viking ships and nearly seaworthy rafts but I would like to make a quick comment on equality in Norway. In Norway women are payed equally as men while in the United States women are paid 77% of each dollar that men make. Norway also has a very generous system of paternity and maternity leave. In fact we learned that mothers are payed a stipended to stay at home longer with their kids. I think that that wage equality and these policies are strongly related, perhaps women in the U.S are forced to take on lower paying part-time work in order to provide for their families.  Perhaps the United States could make a very positive impact on the difference in gender pay by supporting mothers who would like to raise children without jeprodizig their careers. In the end it is refreshing to see many families out and about in Norway and I can’t help but think that this incentive for family investment provides huge dividends to the happiness of Norway and Scandinavian culture! In a side note the chocolate in Norway is delicious! Norway has been a blast and I cannot wait for the coming days!


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