Fort Wayne–The Global Hub

Aidan ran into a girl who said she’s been to the states. He then asked what state and she replied “Indiana.” Everyone has been really intrigued and curious about Indiana this entire trip so this was exceptionally exciting for the non-hoosiers; I’m certain.

Being both the resident expert and seasonal resident of Indiana in the group–I was called over. Skeptical, I then had some tougher questions for the Norwegian. I asked her first what city and she replied Fort Wayne. Things were getting interesting. So I went on with which high school and she replied Carroll. This happened to be the same school and year I attended.

My skepticism gone, this truly astonished me. That we met someone from small-town Indiana before any from NYC, Dallas, or any other big, global cities one might be prepared to meet. I went on to learn that she attended the same year we had our first Japanese exchange student, Asayo Wada. I seem to remember Asayo talking about one of the “crazy” exchange students and sure enough we ran into Susannah (the Hoosier-Norwegian hybrid) and she seemed a bit wild.

Anyway, the world got a bit smaller for me this trip. And I think it got a bit smaller for all of us who got to experience this rare encounter.


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