A Few Generations from Home 

I never thought I’d really be able to visit Norway – the place my grandma is so passionate about and where my mom’s side of the family is originally from. The experience was nothing short of amazing…and I find myself desperately wishing I had more time. 

The definite highlight of my experience in Oslo was dining with the Hertzberg family. Zip lining from the top of the Holmenkollen ski jump tower was picturesque and really set off the traditional Norwegian vibe for the rest of the trip. After the exhausting (and sweaty) metro ride, I was excited to finally meet the Hertzbergs, whom Dr. Whitworth had been raving about for quite some time. Expectations of this family were certainly set high, and of course they didn’t disappoint. They’re truly some of the greatest people I’ve met and make me proud to have my roots in Norway.  

I was fortunate enough to be able to speak for some time with Mrs. Hertzberg. I told my her about my family’s origins and current relatives in Lillehammer, which is about two hours outside Oslo. When I told her the old family name, Skrefsrund, she instantly knew of it and even the history of my great, great, great (wow) uncle, who had served as a missionary. We chatted about other Norwegian dishes that my grandma still makes and about her life in Norway. 

Getting to speak with her really brought to life my Norwegian heritage and makes me eager to learn more about my family and the Norwegian culture. Our time in Oslo was already fantastic, but this experience was enlightening. In some words, she made Norway feel a little closer to home.   


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