Oslo – Is this paradise?

From the moment I stepped off the plane, I have been shocked countless times at the fantastical beauty in Oslo.  And, as a person who has always had a keen interest in visual arts, Oslo is a real wonder. This city is so aesthetically pleasing, even the gutters are beautiful, as Jacob had pointed out.  Every where you look there is beautiful art, beautiful people, and beautiful nature.  As you walk down the street, you hear the sounds of saxophone and sea gulls, feel the pleasant weather, and see fascinating architecture, unique sculptures, abundant flowers, and tall trees.  Everything is perfectly clean and in pristine condition, and the local people are stylish, confident, and respectful.  It feels almost like a utopia.

So is this paradise?  Well so far, I’ve experienced mostly great things.  I can’t deny how much I have loved Oslo, even when I was super fatigued and jet lagged.   As far as paradise goes, I think this is pretty close.

20160721_175329 [18225]

View from top of Holmenkollen




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