Pokemon G(Oslo)

Last week, a new app swept the United States (and a few other countries). Pokemon Go exploded with popularity – businesses started incorporating it into their advertising campaigns, memes flooded the Internet, and several people incurred injuries due to intense concentration on the app while walking around. 

Since being in Europe, a good number of us have been playing Pokemon Go fairly regularly. Besides the refreshing aspect of seeing new Pokemon aside from Pidgeys and Rattatas, the app has acted as a great unifier. Not only does a fair amount of the group play the app, but I’ve actually interacted with several people while out and about due to this app. 2 days ago, Jacob and I talked to a man who was walking around and playing the game. On our free day, while we were stranded on an island because we didn’t know how to read a ferry schedule, we met some local children and helped them play the game.


Pokemon anecdotes aside, Oslo was a blast. I’ve particularly enjoyed how the locals have been asking us about Donald Trump as soon as they realize we’re Americans. Personal highlight for Oslo was ziplining – got some good GoPro footage!!

(Oslo)me time 🙂

Really excited about all the stuff we have lined up in Copenhagen. Until next time!


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