President Obama in Oslo

Unfortunately we did not get to see our president in person  but we did get to see a few pictures in his honor. We visited the Oslo city hall where President Obama had been awarded the noble peace prize in 2009. I am going to blog about this particular building and what it has come to signify to me. As we walked through the city hall we saw beautiful frescos of Scandinavian mythology that represented the city’s values. Later we visited the noble peace prize building that was designed to memorialize past recipients of the noble award and thier contributions to global peace. This part of the trip was the most interesting to me because it featured such a wide variety of people and different ways that peace is made in the world. Awards were given to journalists, heads of state, social workers and revolutionaries alike. This inspired me because I realized that anyone can create more peace in the world from whatever position they come from.                                                                I also found the politics of the award very interesting. For example the royal family specifically did not attend the ceremony of a certain editor in order to avoid offending German authorities. In other words it seems that the giving of the prize is closely related to politics. I wouldn’t be suprised if the Norwegians see that it has political sway to use for better or worse. In all the last few days in Norway have been very enjoyable in terms of new ideas and new experiences! I cannot wait for Copenhagen! 
Below is a view of the entire city of Oslo.


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