(Den)marking a New Era in Eco-Friendly Living 

Copenhagen is unarguably a beautiful city. The city thrives on its interdependence with both the sea and nature. Copenhagen was recently voted the world’s most Eco-friendly capital. This is an incredible achievement, but how is the city doing it? In my short time here, I have observed many unique aspects of their infrastructure and lifestyle that would help them earn this title. 

Transportation plays a key role in Copenhagen’s green lifestyle. Over half of the citizens use bikes as their primary means of transportation, many of them walking as well. They also have a successful and efficient public transportation system in the form of buses and metros. 

The strong utilization of the harbor and canal also contribute ecologically friendly means of transportation. The city has a Water-Bus system that travels across the canal. This again reduces the number of cars used to commute each day. Copenhagen does an incredible job of integrating the water into a more efficient and environmentally friendly means of travel. 

Copenhagen is also in the process of building an extensive, brand new recycling station (pictured above). This new station will allow the city to more effectively recycle as a larger community. Additionally, part of the station is a ski slope to promote fun and incentivize people to recycle and visit the plant. 

Just behind this new station are wind turbines. Not only is Copenhagen not burning as many fossil fuels, but they are also producing a cleaner form of energy simultaneously.  

Also, we quickly learned about the extensive lack of air conditioning throughout the city. I can imagine that this inevitably aids in Copenhagen’s desire to be green. 

It is amazing how effective such a relatively large city can be when it comes to ecologically friendly lifestyles. I cannot wait to see what else they have done to reduce human impact on the environment. I can only hope that the United  States and other countries around the world look to Copenhagen and begin to adopt some of their changes. 


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