Mångata – (n.) the glimmering, road-like reflection the moon creates on the water

Oslo. What a city. We ziplined at Holmenkollen, sat in shady corners by the pier while eating sushi from a food truck (best sushi I’ve ever had), ate reindeer at the a local family’s home and got stuck while island hopping around the city. All in all, Oslo was a great city and an awesome way to start the trip.

To get to our next destination, Copenhagen, we sailed on an overnight cruise. After quite an exciting prank involving our rooms and the plumbing (shoutout to Jacob for making us believe that we couldn’t shower for 24 hours), we all sat on the top deck of the boat and played games for hours. The people on this trip are absolutely lovely, and, although we all have pretty different personalities, we’re all getting along really well. 

While sitting on deck, the moon rose to the top of the sky, and if you blurred your eyes, it looked like “a sparkly red carpet to the sky.” Another word for this is mångata, a Swedish term for the moon’s reflection from the night sky on the water. Personally, this brought me so much inner peace before we adventured to the next unforgettable city, which was honestly much-needed after the whole ziplining experience.

The calm sounds of the ocean combined with the sound of laughter in the distance from the group got me thinking about what I’ve learned on this trip so far. One of the most valuable lessons is that sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone for a little bit of adventure. I never would have done something like ziplining from a ski jumping platform without 16 friends pushing me to do it. 

And so, one of my goals for the rest of the trip as we continue to travel is to experience new and exciting things as much as possible and to keep pushing myself to step out of my comfort zone.

Copenhagen, I hope you’re ready because TCU is comin’ for you! 


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