Past and Present

I’m standing in the second oldest amusement park in the world. I watch the bordering lights twinkle on as the sky begins to darken, and I hear the sounds of excitement and thrill as passengers descend the roller coaster peaks. Although Tivoli Gardens has adapted its rides to accommodate a more adventure-seeking generation, it still carries along a nostalgic charm that makes me feel as if I’m experiencing it the same way visitors did decades ago.  

Every time I travel, it’s the concept of Time that confuses me the most. I travel to experience a new culture, but I also travel to relive the past. To tour the historic castles, admire the old architecture, and experience the deeply rooted traditions that have become intermingled with the present. Up until today, I always viewed the present and the past like two separate places- one that I could walk right into, and the other that I could admire from the outside border of the “do not touch” sign. Most times I would grow frustrated that the modern world had lost so many treasures from the past- the way the glass, cube shaped office buildings replaced detailed stone carvings. The way that minimalist clothing replaced finely embroidered, floor length gowns. 

But I’m ready to stop looking at the world through these two lenses. 

The past and present are not two different dimensions, they are simply layers of the same. I’m going to enjoy the present, knowing it’s the product of the past, and I will cherish learning about the way it has become what it is today.  

“What we are now, you used to be. What you were then, we have now become.”


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