Let me tell you. We have been eatin’ real, real good in Scandinavia. I am fairly confident that I am gaining weight from this trip despite the 10+ miles we have been walking everyday.  
We are now in Copenhagen! Last night, we had a very traditional Danish meal. It included a lot of raw, pickled fish as well as liver. It was quite unique. Personally, I thought it was still delicious, but it was not my favorite meal. In contrast, tonight we had Spanish tapas. It is strange to have different types of food in other countries. I unconsciously assume that the US is the only country that can be so globalized, yet we have come into contact with just as much diversity outside of our home. Food in particular is a window into the culture of a country. For example, Copenhagen has a ton of Turkish restaurants, and I later found out that this is because there is a large Turkish community here! In Oslo, food revealed culture in the length of time dinners would take. In Copenhagen, the dinner lengths have not been nearly as extreme.

Yesterday, we went to Tivoli Gardens, which is one of the most popular attractions in the city. It is an amusement park that inspired Walt Disney to create DisneyWorld. I definitely saw some similarities between the two, but the park felt more like a fair. This could be because we are used to always having bigger and better in America. However, we all had a ton of fun at Tivoli despite its size. In fact, many of us conquered some fears on the Vertigo ride. This ride is essentially two pendulums that swing around an axis at such high speeds that you can feel the forces affecting your internal organs. It also spins at the beginning and the end, which is the icing on the cake in terms of leaving us completely stunned afterwards. It was cool to spend the evening at Tivoli because it felt like we were surrounded by a mix of both tourists and locals. We all tried to imagine what it would be like if we lived here. Would we have season passes? Would this be the well known date location? Would we have birthday parties here as kids?

Overall, Copenhagen is fantastic! It is a much faster paced city than Oslo. I also definitely notice that nature is not as large of a part of their lives here. I am curious to see how Stockholm will compare to the two cities we have already seen. I really enjoy visiting cities that I have little previous knowledge about because I get to walk in with zero preconceptions and simply learn from what I see. We have less than a week and we will be home! How crazy is that?! 


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