Cultural Artifact

Today, at the National Gallery of Copenhagen, I found my cultural artifact for the trip. First, let me explain what the cultural artifact is supposed to be: the cultural artifact is meant to be something in either Oslo, Copenhagen, or Stockholm that best represents me. 

My cultural artifact is the above painting Winter Landscape near Vordingborg, Denmark by Johan Christian Dahl in 1829.

The word that best describes this painting to me is perserverance. Despite the undoubtedly brutal cold, nature and man both continue to coexist and survive. The man also appears to be completely alone except for the company of his dog. He is solitary, yet continuing. These are both things that I feel I can relate to. 

I can relate to the solitary nature of the painting in two ways: I am an introvert who needs time alone to process, and there have been times in my life where I have had no friends and have felt very much alone. I can relate to the perserverance of the painting through my stubbornness and my tenacity. An example would be that yesterday while walking to the Carlsberg brewery here in Copenhagen I got lost, but I just continued walking until I found something I could see on my map.

Another way in which I connect to the painting is in my relationship with nature. I have always felt a certain kinship with the natural world, and therefore have always been drawn to landscapes in art. So, to feel that this should be my cultural artifact is no surprise. 


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