København, Carlsberg Brewhouse

Beer was, and is, a huge part of Europe. From the different brewing company mergers, science breakthroughs, and advertising, Carlsberg has co-evolved with the Danish as well as the surrounding northern European countries who enjoy it so much.
There were three reasons I enjoyed visiting the brewery. One, it was a look into the past. The museum starts at the beginning at 4000 bc when the first variation of beer emerged. From there, Carlsberg’s story was shown all the way up to today. How the processes changed with discoveries of better bottles, different steeping methods, and perfecting the manufacturing process.
My second reason reason was learning about the science behind making the beer. The brewery had the first production lab and today they have entire research centers devoted to making the process run smoother or the drink to taste just that certain way. As I am thinking about research, it is cool to see how important scientific research is in EVERYTHING. IMG_7420
And third, it was absolutely amazing to experience the connection between society and a beer company. For example, the reverse schwastica was printed on all the labels to show the reversal of the Nazi power during WWII. One would think northern Europe and even one of Germany’s most popular drinks would not dare involve themselves in a world war, but they did. Or how they campaigned to advocate beer’s healthiness by implementing a new food pyramid that included beer.


It actually is one of my favorite experiences so far. It was so interesting to see how important the role beer played in our history.

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