City 2 out of 3 is 10 out of 10

Halfway through the trip, after having packed for a trip that was about 20 degrees colder, the magical laundry day has arrived. Being used to having the laundry machine within steps and everything was done by pressing one button, I was not prepared for the ordeal of washing my laundry abroad.

After a few stops at a grocery store (for detergent), an ATM, a bank, we thought we were in the clear and everything would be easy. As it turns out, we had no clue what we were doing, and had to have a maintenance person from the laundromat explain how the machines worked. The problem with that was that he spoke basically no English, so most of the explanation was pointing and hand gestures.

Since I was still unsure how some things worked, I decided to try out the Google Translate app’s camera feature, where you point the camera at the text and it will show the same text translated on the screen.

Apart from the issues in getting laundry done, I felt like our time in Copenhagen was the most relaxed. We had the most free time, so we weren’t feeling pressured to hurry to get to the next thing (except for the group that did the marathon of activities on the last day), and I was able to spend a lot of time just kind of wandering around and getting a sense of the environment around Copenhagen. On the final day, I went exploring along the water, through the main shopping centers, and got turned around in a giant mall, all while fully rested thanks to taking advantage of the chance to sleep in.


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