Eating my Way Through Copenhagen

Food has always been one of my favorite ways to experience different cultures, and luckily in Copenhagen I tried so many great foods. From ice cream to liver, Copehagen had unique flavors that added to the overall experience.

The first nights dinner were very original and were something that I wouldn’t have gone out and ordered on my own. I enjoyed meat and a fish trays with various sides. The first tray had fried fish, pickelled herring, and smoked salmon. I really ended up liking the fried fish and the pickelled herring was something I had never tried before! The second plate had pork with a berry-type jam, along with cabbage, and liver with bacon. I liked the pork and jam, and I tried the liver as well. It had a very interesting texture and I’m so glad I gave it a try. This dinner was really cool this night because it was a very traditional meal from Denmark!

Actually, one of my favorite meals we had was at a Spanish restaurant in Denmark. We had various tapas for our entire meal and shared them around the table. They ranged from Spanish omlettes all the way to calamari and croquettes. What I loved about this dinner was that we got to try a bunch of different foods!

On the last day, we ended up going to “Paper Towns,” a food truck park across the canal. They had so many different options for food there. Walking around I noticed a lot of people eating something that looked like a giant crepe and I knew I wanted to get that. I found the stand inside, and it turns out that it was actually Mediterranean food. It was a flatbread that came with chicken, hummus, mozzarella, spinach, tatziki, and chili. It was the best thing I ate in Copenhagen! For dessert I tried a creme brûlée donut with ice cream on top. It was the best dessert I have had on this trip! They even torched the donut right in front of you!

All the foods that I have tried on this trip have been phenomena, but Copenhagen has given us all a taste of traditional food and culturally infused foods. It was so neat to see how other types of food added to the cultural diversity of the city. They had the best food!


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