Round 2:Copenhagen 

Copenhagen was a very diverse city that was ripe for exploration. I loved going on a boat tour around the city and particularly enjoyed seeing the opera house that towered over the water and had hosted a professional cliff jumping competition. Across the bridge from our hotel an area called Christiania, marked by a spiral church tower, was of particular interest to me. The area was known for selling marijuana which is illegal in Denamark but was tolerated on the specific island. I found this very interesting because my home state Washjngton allows the selling and purchasing of marijuana but federal law prohibits this behavior for the general country. This odd, mixed-signal style of law is very interesting to me because it seems that there is a shift in developed countries towards marijuana consumption. I can’t help but think that mixed policy will often gravitate to no policy or lax enforcement in general. Besides this experience I had the low of washing my laundry and purchasing copious amounts of chocolate from the local grocer on the way. Copenhagen was a blast and I cannot wait for Stockholm! 


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