The reindeer and the quiche

Having experienced Oslo, Copenhagen, and now some of Stockholm, I have been able to start comparing them. After exploring Stockholm, I felt the European influence of Copenhagen and the importance of tradition like Norway. And our dinner tonight was a good example of this–reindeer with an appetizer of quiche.

The reindeer reminded me of the importance of tradition I felt in Norway. Oslo was calm, quiet, and rich in their history, family, and nature. Our activities included fantastic museums of vikings, world-famous cross country ski jumps, and a home-cooked meal of reindeer. Stockholm so far has shared this importance in history and tight community that I think was demanded by the harsh winters of northern Scandinavia. Coincidentally, we had traditional reindeer in both countries, learned about their naval pasts, and the Nobel prizes they commonly share.

In contrast, the quiche reminded me of the excitement and international influence of Copenhagen. Denmark differed from Oslo both in diversity and atmosphere. Copenhagen was far less nature-focused and far more social with bars, restaurants, and stores from all over Europe. Where Oslo shut down from its relaxed days around 10, Copenhagen seemed to stay alive all night long. Stockholm shares this aspect  with Denmark–the connection with the rest of the European nations–at a capacity that Norway doesn’t.

Summing up my reindeer/quiche dinner analogy, Stockholm strikes a great balance in my opinion. It has the cool old buildings, lively atmosphere, and great food like Copenhagen paired with the northern traditions, rich history, and awesome museums like Oslo.


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