Cultural Artifact: Scandinavian Chocolate

Right when I started telling family and friends about my upcoming trip, I started hearing a few main things that I had to do/try. One thing that constantly came up was Scandinavian chocolate. I didn’t pay too much attention, as I was going to Belgium beforehand. I mean, Belgian chocolate is supposed to be the gold standard.

However, as a deep lover of all things chocolate I instantly started taking notice of all of the chocolate shops we passed when we got to Norway. With my first chocolate stop in Oslo at Freia, I started asking about the chocolate culture in Scandinavia. I was surprised to learn that Norway actually is one of the biggest chocolate consuming countries in the world! The average Norwegian eats approximately 18 POUNDS of chocolate each year!

Naturally, I bought some of Norway’s top selling chocolate- the Freia milk chocolate bar. Gotta say, it even beat Belgian chocolate.


I continued the chocolate hunt in Denmark and Sweden. While the Danes didn’t seem to be too huge on chocolate (they prefer sugary candies of other types, and even eat the most candy of all countries), Sweden also had a huge taste for chocolate. The store we stopped at in Gamla Stan featured all of their chocolate made in Sweden, which they were very proud of. The store owner said the Swedes won’t eat chocolate that wasn’t made in Sweden. Naturally, I had to sample some.


Once again, I was not disappointed.

While I never thought of chocolate when thinking of Scandinavia before, I have to say they surprised me. I’ll probably have to start importing it or something. If there’s one thing that I could relate to any Scandinavian about, chocolate is an easy choice.


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